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Notes on the current version

Since 2007, the Task Force for Evidence Reports/Clinical Practice Guidelines (ER/CPG-TF) of the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine EBM Committee has been exhaustively collecting randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of Kampo medicines in Japan, and then prepared and published structured abstracts (SAs) on the Japan Society for Oriental Medicine (JSOM) website as Kampo Chiryo Ebidensu Repoto (Evidence Reports of Kampo Treatment: EKAT). As indicated in the History of version upgrades on the previous page, the complete version of EKAT 2010 at that time was released on 1 June 2010 which was a listing of 345 RCTs and 1 meta-analysis dating from 1986 to early 2009. The year 1986 is a year in which the current quality standard for Kampo medicines for prescription came into effect

JSOM has since continued to produce EKATs, but budget considerations delayed complete revision of the website, limiting publication on the website to EKAT Appendix 2011 in October 2011 and EKAT Appendix 2012 in December 2012, which included only the additions and revisions since EKAT 2010. In 2013 after a three-year hiatus, JSOM published a completely revised EKAT, "漢方治療エビデンスレポート2013 - 402のRCT -(Kampo Chiryo Ebidensu Repoto 2013 – 402 no RCT –)" (Evidence Reports of Kampo Treatment: 402 Randomized Controlled Trials: EKAT 2013).

EKAT 2013 compiles the SAs published in EKAT 2010, an additional 14 new SAs included in EKAT Appendix 2011, a further 20 new SAs included in EKAT Appendix 2012 as well as 25 new SAs prepared in 2013.

Because the Japan Kampo Medicine Manufacturers Association (JKMA) database now allows additional keyword searches such as "来院順 (raiinjun, order of presentation)," which corresponds to quasi-randomization, an EKAT Appendix 2012 search finds RCT papers from 2011 (first half) or earlier. Accordingly, the 25 new SAs prepared for the current version are not necessarily SAs of new papers since 2011 (first half): 10 of them are papers from 2011 (first half) or earlier.

Since it has been confirmed that a SA included in EKAT 2010 (Ito K, Yamamoto H, Saibara T, et al. The usefulness of Kanebo Hachimijiogan in patients with hypertension or cerebrovascular disease [excluding acute phase symptoms] and their concomitant symptoms: a multicenter, double-blind, crossover study*. Shindan to Chiryo [Diagnosis and Treatment] 1988; 76: 1096–114 [in Japanese]) was based on a study that used products manufactured in 1985 and failed to meet current Kampo product quality standards, this study was removed prior to publication of EKAT Appendix 2012.

EKAT 2013 therefore compiles SAs of 402 RCTs and one meta-analysis.

In the current version, in addition to the already compiled SAs, the committee's work has included adding references, correcting errors, and formatting the style uniform. In the previous versions of EKAT, if one SA has been based on multiple references, the bibliographic information appears at the top of the SA, however, some SAs showed that information at the top and in the Abstractor's comments. This version has brought uniformity to that information by showing all the bibliographic information for references used for the SA at the top of the SA, in order of publication, with the principle reference appearing in bold type.


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